3D Lapidary

This non-commercial site provides 3D graphic artists with models of real gemstones,
as well as jewelry related information for use in artwork.
The models, tutorials and information are all free for any non-commercial use.
Any renders, either still or animated, that you create using the models, are your own property, and you may do with them as you wish.
All I ask is that if you find any thing here to be of use,
Send a 'thank you' email to the designers. Earn a few karma points, and let them know their work is appreciated.


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What Is This 3D Stuff, Anyway?
An introduction to 3d art for lapidary artists.

That Was Then, This Is Now
The creation of a virtual facetting machine

Rendering The Models-Making It Look Good
Tips and tricks to rendering your gemstone models.


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