Here's a listing of what's new (at the top of the list), so you can tell what has gone on since your last visit.
April 29, 2013 Thanks to Dimitrie Hoekstra, for reworking my .obj collection, to fix problems with normals and other tweaks to the models!
December 12, 2011 Another long absence, but now, Eric Fairbanks has graciously contributed a conversion of the Pear cut into various Solid surface formats.
December 10, 2010 The site has been open for 10 years, now! And, finally I've gotten around to converting the main collection to .obj format!
July 15, 2007 A generous contribution by a Cinema 4d user, Steve Roper, brings us the full collection of models, presented in a full Cinema 4D scene, complete with materials and lighting. (Please check the read-me file for copyleft information about the file.). Thank you for your long-time support, Steve!
February 8, 2007 Another long period away. In response to some questions, I have compiled two collections of the 'pure' or isolated crystalline/mineral growth forms. Available from both the Basics page (sample images provided) and the Collections page.
October 18, 2005 It's been another long year away from my hobby. Just added a collected zip of models in Lightwave file format, courtesy of Phil Morris.
August 29, 2004 2 new models for you: Graham Portugese and Tzar (1), and for our Bryce 5 users, a B5 scene file to play with..experiment with the render settings and lights!
March 22, 2004 It's been a very busy and hectic year: I have only just now been able to get back into my 3D lapidary hobby. To celebrate, I have 3 new models for you: An experimental piece by myself Six Starred Symbol, as well as two by Robert Strickland: Formee Cross Rectangle and Omni Egg
May 31, 2003 A generous contribution by a visitor, Robin Miller, brings a Poser 4/Poser4 Propack prop-- a basic round brilliant, with UV mapping, and texture and reflection maps provided. Unzip to the main Poser directory. (Thank you, Robin! And welcome to any Poser visitors!)
March 12, 2003 It's been a while, but here are two new models: Square Frame Cross and Old Fashioned Round. Both are products of experimenting with GemCadWin.
January 22, 2003 After the holidays, I'm back with three new models: Square Emerald, Tucson Retro Hexagon, and Five Star.
December 6, 2002 New section to the information page: "Rendering The Models-Making It Look Good- Creating the Environment"
October 28, 2002 Four new models in a new section- Experimental Cuts. These are purely virtual gemstone cuts designed by me (your host) in Gemcad just for fun. The Compass, Steppe Flower, Steppe Compass Rose and Portugese Jack.
September 30, 2002 Three new models: Alcyone, Sister Clement's Cross and Sister Clement's Cross (Frosted).
September, 2002 Robert Strickland has released his Windows version of Gemcad, enabling easy design and visualization of gemstone cuts, with export to DXF and VRML file formats. Available as a 30-day shareware, or full registered program. A hearty recommendation from this site!
August 30, 2002 Three new models: Lydia's Barion, Four Hummers and Blue Ice.
July 7, 2002 One new model: Cleopatra's Eye
June 15, 2002 A generous offer by a visitor to the site, TMGraphics, brings a collection of the models in .3DS and .3DM file format. (Thank you, TM! And welcome to any 3DStudio Max and Rhino visitors!)
May 27, 2002 Three new models: Parachute, PentaRound and Radiant Trillion.
May 1, 2002 Three new models: Mumble, Six Pack and Dutch Rose Round.
March 22, 2002 A generous offer by a visitor to the site, Cees van der Mark, brings a collection of the models in .RAW file format. (Thank you, Cees! And welcome to any PovRay visitors!)
February 7, 2002 After a nice winter's vacation (and other chores), I'm back to modeling. The latest: Hornets Nest, Wafer Cut, White Asterism, Cascade, Smithsonian Bar, and Drop of Honey.
December 12, 2001 By request: three 'true' heart variations (hearts with a cleft in the top)
November 29, 2001 The holidays bring a change of weather with Raindrops 1 and 2, and Christmas decorations with Santa's Little Helpers 1 and 2
November 11, 2001 First two section of a new page: "Rendering The Models-Making It Look Good" added, in response to questions asked by visitors. More to come as time allows.
October 1, 2001 Six Swifts, Liana, Lighthouse, Gram Prince, Gram Princess, First Wave, and Pinwheel added.
September 10, 2001 Back in business--added new section "Frosted Patterns" with Spider gem for early Halloween pleasures.
July/August :(   Hard drive failure and recovery time stops production for a while....Have *you* backed up your drive lately? Play it safe, do it now. (The voice of experience)
July 14, 2001 Double Backgammon, Triple Fan, Trilogy, Tribble and Tri Again added.
June 17, 2001 Twinkle Star , Bar Lens, Princess and Arrow, and Cube Illusion Triangle added.
June 17, 2001 Added the article "That Was Then, This Is Now" showing the latest in virtual facetting.
Apr. 21, 2001 Patience 2 , Barion Square Cushion 1 and 2, Hexactly,and Ayn Rand added.
Apr. 3, 2001 Bryce4 Object library files for the gemstone types uploaded. Made possible by Wolfie (Thanks, guy! Keep on Brycing!)
Mar. 15, 2001 Novice 5 and 7, Novice 9 and TicTac, and Novice 8 added.
Feb. 1, 2001

Rose Heart, "B" Still My Heart, Sweetheart, and Mount Ida Heart added for Valentine's Day.

Dec., 2000

The site opens for business.