The LapCap is a lid designed to fit onto various faceting machine splash bowls, in order to help protect from splashing, and keep your work area neat and clean!

The LapCap is designed to be adjustable, and rotate in the splash pan to be easily incorporated into your process. Most splash tends to be on the trailing side of the lap, beyond the stone. The LapCap is designed to easily rotate into the optimal position for your work. It can also be rotated to the opposite side depending on if your lap is spinning in a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation. Each version on the LapCap was carefully designed to allow full use of the lap and  all machine functions while providing maximum splash protection. The same LapCap can be used on left and right handed machines from the same manufacturer. 

The LapCap is intended to be used mostly during coarse cutting. Sintered and plated laps are unlikely to be contaminated by any loose grits or swarf that may accumulated on the LapCap™. It can easily be cleaned with soap and water as necessary. If you would like to use LapCaps with chargeable laps, it is recommended to use a different LapCap for each grit to avoid contamination.They have been tested and work great with even the tallest sintered laps. 

The LapCap has been custom designed to fit various faceting machines. Please check to make sure you are ordering the right one for your machine. If your machine isn’t listed please contact me, and I canl work with you in creating a LapCap for your machine type.

The central area of the lap cap is open to allow your water drip to be directed to the center of the lap regardless of the orientation of the the LapCap™ on the machine.

The LapCaps are available in a variety of colors. Other custom colors may be available for to match your style, just email me and we can discuss the range of custom color options.

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