The DOPyrmid™ was painstakingly designed to hold as many dops as possible in the smallest space possible, and look cool while doing it! It allows you to keep your dops organized, together and ready to use!

The larger size is a 3 sided pyramid which holds 67 dops and measures approximately 3.8 inches from flat to point at the base, and 2.8 inches tall.

The smaller size is a 4 sided pryamid which holds up to 41 dops and measures approximately 2.1 inches square at the base and 1.3 inches tall. It holds 6 dops on each face of the pyramid, 3 one each vertex and 5 on the top.

The stands work great on their own, sitting on a desk or shelf, but there is an extra feature:

Both have a 1/4" hole in the bottom dead center, which allows for several options. You can drill a hole in your desk and use a common 1/4" bolt to have a peg which the pyramid can spin on freely. This alliows them to act as a lazy suzan allowing you to spin the DOPyramid™ to find the dop you're looking for. If you don't want to drill a hole in your desk, but want a spinning stand you can mount a bolt or 1/4 rod into the base of your choice, such as a piece of wood or marble. It's even possible to mount several DOPyramids™ on top of each other "daisy chain" style, using either a flat 1/4" dop or a piece of 1/4" rod cut to size!

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  • Brand: 3D Lapidary
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