• Facette Quick Height Adjust Knob

These allow fast height adjustment and are really useful when switching between laps with a large height difference (such as sintered laps) and adjusting in between different size stones.

These have been tested and work on both the original Seattle Facettes and the Gem Master II (GM2.)

I’ve been using one for a long time now and i’ feels like it's a crucial part of the machine! I take off mine to double check the fit of each one that I sell, and I notice immedialy if I forget to reattach it when I sit down to cut!

I designed these knobs based on some old custom made parts that Wayne Emery’s brother had made. I made some small improvements to the design.

They are made of solid plastic with stainless hardware for the spinning mechanism. They are held on to the machine with a nylon setscrew which is held in threaded brass.

No metal will contact your machine, so they won’t make any marks on your machine and they are super easy to take on and off, just adjust the set screw.

They require a small 1/16” hex key to install and remove. A key will be included with purchase.

I think that these look best in black to match to finish of the original machine, so that's the default color, but if you'd like one made in a different color I can make it for you, just let me know!

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Facette Quick Height Adjust Knob

  • Brand: 3D Lapidary
  • Product Code: Facette Height Adjust Knob
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  • $59.95

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